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This article was first broadcast in Episode Sixty-Three on 27th February 2019. *Sounds of a large crowd* Ryu: Okay, who are all these people? Lennon: Yes, thank you, we’ll be in touch, next please! Ostron: Lennon? What are you doing? Lennon: Job interviews! Ryu: For what? We’ve got a full staff, don’t we? And I mean, with the Oblex in HR… Lennon: No, no, I’m trying to fill out a village for my campaign. I need some tradespeople. Ostron: Don’t you just need to say “hey there are this many people in the village”? Lennon: Sure, if you want to half-ass it. A lot of times when players in a campaign wander into a village, they only get to know three types of people: the innkeeper (assuming an inn exists), any shopkeeper willing to buy things from them, and whomever in the village has work, or a problem, or some item the characters need. But there are a lot…

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