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Adventurer’s Pack

Over the course of our show, we’ve highlighted several tools that can be great additions for your Adventurer’s Packs!


  • Fast Character: A character generation tool for when you need a character quicker than you can say “so what level should I make the Paladin?”
  • Any Dice: if you’re a level 2 rogue with 17 Dex using a rapier with sneak attack, these graphs tell you you’re most likely to do damage in the 13 to 18 range. Magical. Mathical. Mathemagical.
  • Fifth Edition Character Sheet: A neat character sheet app for iOS and Android
  • Adventure Lookup: Brain-child of Matt Colville, search for adventures by a tonne of options such as featured monsters, magic items, edition, location, setting…
  • D&D Spells: A web-based index of all spells in D&D, filterable by level, school, class, source book, etc.
  • Confessions of a Part Time Sorceress: A (girly-)girl’s guide to Dungeons and Dragons
  • DonJon: More generators than you can shake a stick at
  • Reaper Minis: Fantastic minis site with some excellent, cost-effective options
  • Watabou’s Medieval Fantasy City Generator: Need a quick town? This generator can do it! You can also use the warp tool to shape districts as you need
  • Inkarnate: Create professional regional maps with ease
  • Gozzy’s Map Generator: Need something for a dungeon, cave or wilderness? Look no further!
  • Encounters+: An iOS only initiative tracker and monster stat block tool
  • OneNote: A great digital ringbinder tool from Microsoft to help you organise your DM notes with quick clipping and wiki-style syntax
  • Hero Forge: Custom-created miniatures. Very customised. The most customised minis you’ll ever make.
  • One Page Dungeon: An annual contest to create the smallest, biggest adventures
  • Seventh Sanctum: More generators for just about every subject you can imagine (non-existant colours, anyone?), but names only. Great for world-building
  • RPG Market Generator: A nice generator that makes shops in the town (blacksmith, magic shop, alchemist etc.) along with stock and proprietors, and also notable NPCs (such as a mayor)
  • Class Character Sheets: Character sheets that are reorganized and enhanced from the standard character sheets
  • World Anvil: A very detailed, wiki-like method of organizing all of your world-building notes
  • Tabletop Audio: A fantastic site with ambient music and sounds.  Ryu’s favorite is Here Be Dragons.
  • Roll20: A customizable virtual tabletop
  • Dungeon Master Tools: A site with every generator under the sun, and then some!  Generate weather, local communities, families, and more.
  • 2 Minute Tabletop: A tool for prepping maps at the very last minute
  • Dice2Distribution: A tool that introduces a concept called “The Killable Zone.”  Complete with all the maths!
  • D&D Beyond: The official 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons digital toolset
  • Games Workshop: Home of fantastic, highly detailed minis for other universes that can crossover into yours
  • Syrinscape: A fantastic audio tool that adds a great deal of ambiance to any DnD game!
  • Epic GM: A comprehensive, all-in-one tool to make DMing easier.  Includes drag ‘n’ drop map tracking, initiative tracker, custom monsters, and more!
  • Noisy Person Cards: A fun game to practice your NPC voices.
  • Ultrapro Character Folio: A great tool to help keep all of your notes and character sheets organized
  • RNW Equipment Packs: A papercrafty way to keep track of all the items in your various packs (priest’s pack, explorer’s pack, etc)
  • Sly Flourish’s The Lazy DM: A great book on how to reduce prep time and still run awesome, engaging sessions
  • Abulufa Random Generator: Generate all the random!  Generate interesting random names, treasure, plots, and anything else you need
  • Papercraft Dungeon: Print and fold your own minis, terrain, and more!
  • DnD 5e SRD: The basic, fundamental rules without all the messiness of copyrights
  • Showcase Terrain: Cool accessories for all your tabletop needs!
  • Halloween Adventures from D&D Beyond: Spooky adventures to give your Halloween sessions some thematic flavor!
  • Dice of Rolling: One-stop shop for well-made dice and some great tokens to keep track of your tabletop session
  • Hobbyte: A really neat isometric dungeon builder.  With dragons!
  • RollAdvantage: A great tool to help with token creation and dice rolling
  • OpenForge: A great resource for free 3d model files

mIs there something that’s an absolute must-have at your tables? Found a cool app, book or other item that you’d like to share with other adventurers and dungeon masters? Let us know about it by emailing