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This article was first broadcast in Episode Thirty-Two on 18th July 2018. Lennon: 248… 249… 250…. Ryu: Lennon, are you using a slingshot to fire gold pieces at my knife throwing target? Lennon: Yes. Sorry, I should have asked first. Ryu: No, that’s fine but…why? Lennon: Well Ostron said he was going to be doing something with action economy and I thought I could help. Ryu: …You know, I’m always kind of impressed at how amazingly wrong you are about what Ostron’s doing at any given time. Lennon: What do you mean? Ryu: No, I need his notes. Ostron? Gnomish Workshop door opens Ostron: What’s up? Ryu: Action Economy? Ostron: Right, here’s what you need. If you wander into the same sort of discussions that Ostron does on a regular basis, you may have seen or heard the term “action economy” get thrown around, and you’ve probably found at least one person that seems very interested or possibly obsessed with the…

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