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This article was first broadcast in Episode Twenty-Three on 9th May 2018. Ryu: Okay, no more weddings. Lennon: I didn’t realize you were ordained. Ryu: No, I mean I added an arranged marriage plot to my campaign and my characters started fighting about how the “good” aligned characters would react. Ostron: That can get tricky. Ryu: I didn’t even know how to rule it myself. I just play my characters, I usually don’t think too much about alignment. Well, unless I’m wearing the hat… Lennon: No Hat! Ostron: It’s okay, don’t need the hat. I’ve got a quick primer on being good here. Depending on the crowd of players at the table, the announcement that someone is playing a “good” aligned character can cause as much groaning and consternation as someone saying they want to play an evil one. This is usually because the other players assume the good character will be a legalistic pacifist who constantly…

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This article was first broadcast in Episode Thirteen on 28th February 2018. “The battle had been hard-fought, but the necromancer’s tower now lay in ruins.  On the morrow they would return to the queen to inform her the threat to her nation was ended, but tonight, they rested.  Brother Elmont knew his companions had fared worse than he, and prepared their simple evening meal without being asked.  It had taken the party twelve hours to win through and cast down the necromancer. …it took the party another three days to recover from the food poisoning afterwards, divine punishment for forgetting exactly why Brother Elmont was not allowed near the cooking gear.”   You see, the D&D world is filled with experts.  Aside from mastery of the skills connected to their class, there are cooks who can prepare feasts, athletes that can swim great distances, survivalists that can be blindfolded, spun…

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