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This article was first broadcast in Episode Forty-Seven on 31st October 2018. Killer DM: Ahh good, that was an annoying long wait. Ostron: Have to wait a while for Ryu to fail her saves? Killer DM: And there I was thinking you didn’t have a sense of humor… Oh, you’re serious? You think she still tries to make the saves? You dear thing. Lennon: Um…right, so when we left off last week, you mentioned you had more to say about evil campaigns? Killer DM: Oh my yes. So last time we talked about the pre-campaign discussion where you make sure your players aren’t going to cop out on you and decide they don’t actually want to be evil, and what the campaign looks like when it’s in flight. But what about the setup? Despite the fact that you *can* be evil, D&D’s basic rules and creatures aren’t designed that way, so you have to do a little…

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This article was first broadcast in Episode Forty-Six on 24th October 2018. Lennon: Really? Again? Ostron: We’re talking about running evil campaigns, who’s at the top of *YOUR* subject matter expert list for that? Lennon: Whatever, they’re your kidneys Killer DM: It’s so nice that you all invite me around for the holidays. It almost makes me forget that you didn’t do that last Halloween. Lennon: In our defense, we hadn’t actually started broadcasting yet. Killer DM: I just hear excuses but I suppose I might let it pass if we’re talking about something fun. Ostron: Running an evil campaign Killer DM: Oh Ostron! I knew there was hope for you. Now, let’s talk about unfair encounters and completely invisible traps. Lennon: No, no, not quite. We’re not talking about running a campaign and being evil to the players, we’re talking about the players being evil and going through a campaign like that. Killer DM: Hmmm. Obviously not quite as fun…

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