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Wisdom of the Masters: Campaigning for Evil

This article was first broadcast in Episode Forty-Six on 24th October 2018. Lennon: Really? Again? Ostron: We're talking about running evil campaigns, who's at the top of *YOUR* subject matter expert list for that? Lennon: Whatever, they're your kidneys Killer DM: It's so nice that you all invite me around for the holidays. It almost makes me forget that you didn't do that last Halloween. Lennon: In our defense, we hadn't actually started broadcasting yet. Killer DM: I just hear excuses but I suppose I might let it pass if we're talking about something fun. Ostron: Running an evil campaign Killer DM: Oh Ostron! I knew there was hope for you. Now, let's talk about unfair encounters...


Are You Evil?

This article was first broadcast in Episode Fifteen on 14th March 2018. Lennon: Really? You just GAVE her the hat? Ostron: Look, it's not like The Killer DM causes chaos or anything. She's Lawful Evil, that's manageable. Killer DM: Do I hear the sounds of overconfidence? Lennon: Not from me Ostron: We were just saying you're a good source of information for players that want to play evil characters Killer DM: Oh my goodness yes. There are soooo many posers out there that think they're SO evil and still go to puddles when there are a bunch of kittens around. Pull up a chair, people.       At some...