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Greetings, brave adventurers! You’ve stumbled upon one of our guest blogs! If you’ve been burning to put quill to parchment over an idea, be sure to send it in to us, and your ideas could be featured here!   Hello, this is Head Scribe Baxter, possibly better known as the “who” in “who the hell wrote this crap?!” for around half of the Short Rest segments.  Last week, Len asked me to cover Gary-Con, a convention in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, celebrating the life of Gary Gygax and his role in creating D&D, not to mention the influence he’s had on the broader RPG world. Saturday, March 3rd Got the text from Len; given my amazing talent at living less than 90 minutes away from Lake Geneva, he wanted me to go cover Gary-Con for the podcast.  I replied that the car was stuffed, so he can get stuffed. THE…

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This article was first broadcast in Episode Six on 3rd January 2018. Lennon: Why does the break room wall have dry erase lines everywhere with some pictures of Duke Ellington, Elvis, and Christopher Lee from Star Wars? Ostron: Oh, yeah, we wanted to add some stuff to our campaigns and have it be authentic. Royalty! Kings, Princes, Dukes. I mean an evil baron- Ryu: Or Baroness! Ostron: -right trying to take over the kingdom is classic! But we wanted it to be authentic and we’re not used to the whole royalty, lines of succession thing. Lennon: Ryu, Ostron, I’m British. We’ve got this. Here’s your note sheet, here’s your note sheet…now, everyone follow along. We’ll have your Kings and Princes sorted out in no time.   What’s in a Name? When adding nobility and royal titles to D&D, the most common pattern is to have nobility named based on the…

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