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This article was first broadcast in Episode Thirty on 27th June 2018. Killer DM: Is it “die” when there’s more than one? Or is it “dice”? One die, two dice? I always forget. Anyway, 15 people are dead. Lennon: I’m not sure what that has to do with anything, but tell me why did Ryu decide to put the Killer DM hat on? Killer DM: Well, Ryu knew you were talking about Devils and I’ve always done some of my best work with them, so I…convinced her I should be involved Lennon: Okay, well…we’re actually talking about the Tiefling subraces and how players might most effectively use their stats, so I think you might have misheard. Killer DM: I’m sorry, you’re…helping players? Ostron: Oh come on, have a seat, try this out. Who knows? You might enjoy it Killer DM: Fine. Let’s get on with it then. Before I change my mind… Lennon: In addition to all terrifying-…

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