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This article was first broadcast in Episode Fifty-Six on 9th January 2019. Ryu: Ugh, again with this. I swear these players are one session away from dealing with Kay-Dee full time Lennon: Players giving you lip? Ryu: Not…exactly, but they keep diving into situations without thinking, nearly die, and then complain about it afterward. Ostron: Now, this might be an atypical response, but why don’t you let them? Ryu: Because it’s not working? Ostron: Well yes, but it can work; you just have to pull out some extra rules. Ostron: As we’ve mentioned previously, the Dungeon Master’s Guide has a lot of optional rules in it that can slightly or drastically alter the feel and mechanics of a game you’re running. Kay-Dee *Thunderclap* Ryu: Yeah, she’s kind of…sensitive about who uses that name Ostron: Okay well the KDM already told us about some ways to make games potentially more challenging, we’ve covered adding madness and sanity as features, now…

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