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This article was first broadcast in Episode Thirty-Six on 15th August 2018. Killer DM: Where’s the numbers guy? Lennon: Oh…hi Killer DM. What brings you here? Killer DM: Clerics. Lennon: Really? Here I thought you were created by a Warlock devoted to Asmodeus Killer DM: *ominous spells in the background* I’m not in the mood, Limey. Now where is he? I need numbers. Lennon: Who, Ostron? He’s not here, he’s been waylaid by kobolds Killer DM: Shame. Still, kobolds need kidneys, too. Mikey: I’m pretty good with numbers Lennon: You are so going to regret that… Killer DM: You are? Good. Grab your calculator and get over here. I need to tell people how wrong they are about clerics. Except you start. Tell me about clerics. Lennon: Okay, well… If you’re putting a standard adventuring party together, bringing along a cleric is such a good idea that it’s almost a requirement. The most obvious reason is healing. Clerics are the most reliable class…

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