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This article was first broadcast in Episode Sixty-Eight on 10th April 2019. Ryu: Lennon…why are you trying to slide a ruler under the door to the Gnomish Workshop? If you’re trying to pick the lock that’s definitely not the way to do it. Lennon: No I…Ostron locked me out. Ryu: What did you do? Lennon: Nothing! I was just trying to help! Ostron: Standing over my shoulder making random comments is not helping! Lennon: but, I mean, that gives him advantage, doesn’t it? Ryu: Well, no, in combat you’re actually supposed to stand over the *enemy* to grant your allies advantage Lennon: oh….right   The easiest situation for D&D players most of the time is if they’re playing with a bunch of people who have about the same experience with D&D as they do. Everyone’s familiar with the same editions, they have a similar take on how to play the game…

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