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This article was first broadcast in Episode Thirty-Eight on 29th August 2018. Ryu: I really don’t think they’re worth it. Lennon: Well I don’t think they exist just because someone was bored Ostron: What are you two arguing about Ryu: Monks. I don’t get them. Lennon: And…to be honest I don’t really know any Ostron: Oh monks are great Ryu: Of course you’d say that; as soon as you look at how to become one you have a bunch of weird calculations to do. Ostron: Well….okay, you’re not wrong. For most of the classes in D&D people have a vague idea of what their purpose is just based on popular fantasy tropes. Druids make plants and animals do weird things, wizards blow things up, warlocks hurt things and are creepy, fighters hit things, barbarians hit things but angrier, and so on. But when you get to monks, most people give a vague answer along the lines of “don’t they…

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