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This article was first broadcast in Episode Forty-One on 19th September 2018. Ryu: Oh not again… Lennon: What? Ryu: Well you’ve got a fishing rod and lures so obviously something’s going on with wizards or sorcerers. Lennon: … I’m not seeing how you got that at all. Ryu: It doesn’t matter how I got there, but you do have a question about them, right? Lennon: Actually, yes. Ostron, you’re a wizard, right? Ostron: Nominally Lennon: So what’s the difference between you and a sorcerer. I mean, I get that sorcerers are 20% cooler, but, like, when you get down to it, what’s the difference? Ostron: Well, see, I’m the product of careful study and appreciation of the magical arts, while sorcerers are flashy hacks that claim they just “know things” and don’t need to bother with careful study. Ryu: I’m sensing some bitterness there? Do you want to talk to someone about it? I could get the hat! Lennon: Why don’t we…

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This article was first broadcast in Episode Thirty-Three on 25th July 2018. Mikey: So this is backstage, huh? Ryu: You’ve never been here before? Mikey: They don’t let me leave the cave that often… thumbing through papers What’s this? Lennon: Those are some notes that Ostron was having difficulty compiling. Mikey: What happened to the research beholders? Ryu: Well, this is ON beholders, specifically their history, so when he tried to get their help they all just passed in their own life stories and said that’s all he needed to know. Mikey: Ah, yeah…that makes sense. I mean, it doesn’t but it does when we’re talking about beholders. Ryu: Let’s see what he has so far… While dragons are part of the core of D&D, if D&D is said to have a mascot, it is probably the Beholder. One of the first creatures that is wholly a creation of D&D, rather than being a creature borrowed from mythology, nature, or…

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