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This article was first broadcast in Episode Thirty-Seven on 22nd August 2018. [squeaky contraption going by] Ostron: Lennon, what are you doing… and what on earth are you wearing?! Lennon: Oh, yeah, I couldn’t get my indoor trainer down here so I rigged my road bike up to this thing I found in the Gnomish Workshop as a kinda static trainer so I could warm up. And I’m wearing lycras. Ostron: Do I want to know why? Lennon: Seriously? For aerodynamics — I’m not going to ride a road-bike in baggies… You said we were racing? Ostron: Okay first of all, I said we were discussing races, not racing, and I meant the OTHER races. You know, half-orc, goblin, elves? Lennon: Ooooooh! [dinosaur roar]  Ryu: Wooooooah there! Lennon: WHAT IN THE NINE HELL — Ryu… Are you riding a dinosaur?! Ryu: Yep! I’ve been in Chult recently, and Ostron said we were off to the races, so I brought…

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Are your players getting sick of rescuing princesses and searching for lost swords? Maybe what you need is a new source for story plots, and what better source than your characters’ own backstories!

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