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This article was first broadcast in Episode Eleven on 14th February 2018. Ryu: Hey Len, everything alright? Lennon: Ehhhh, kinda. It’s Valentine’s day and I’ve still not managed to find anything for my wife. Even with my ukulele my Performance check would be a critical failure what with still recovering from the Ryuflu, and just in case the Ryuflu turns out to be lycanthropy, moonlit walks on the beach are probably best avoided… I’m just stuck for ideas. Ostron: Well, you should just do what any good adventurer does — look for an item to give a bonus to your Persuasion skill check! Ryu: Yeah, take it from me: chocolate. Oooh! I have a plan! We can get the finest stuff right at the source. Can you take us to Ixalan? Ostron: Ixalan? Uh, sure, but first, it might be worth going over what we can expect. So, I happen…

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