Heroes Rise, one hundred eighty-second entry: Naked Wizards Go Down Well At The Table

Heroes Rise, one hundred eighty-second entry: Naked Wizards Go Down Well At The Table

Welcome, brave adventurers…

… to the one hundred eighty-second entry into our chronicle, recorded on Saturday, September 18th, and released Wednesday, September 22nd over at heroesrisepodcast.com.

In this week’s Adventurer’s Pack, Ryu shows us a myriad of different tabletop accessories

Next we check out some D&D News as we uncover the latest changes coming to the Adventurer’s League

After that we take a Short Rest and head into the Gnomish Workshop and get to people building; before finally heading over to the Scrying Pool to see what you have to say


A Short Rest: Gnomish Workshop – People Building

Last Week’s Community Questions, A Reminder
Do you think the loosening of restrictions for the Adventurer’s League character generation is a move in the right direction? Can you think of any new problems that will come up due to the ability to use all the books? 
Death and dying; should there be some sort of a definite penalty on it, or is just having to sit out the rest of the adventure and wait until next session punishment enough?

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i enjoyed the show as usual. i liked the comments on the death penalty, and I actually enjoy the fact death should be a major thing to happen to a character not just a small speed bump. So that being said I would like to see some sort of “thing” happen when I character dies, and returns.

In 1e you could only be brought back from death a number of times equal to your Con score, and you had to make your resurrection survival percentile chance, and when your character comes back they are weak and need a full day of bed rest for each day they were dead.
2e expanded on this a bit, but added that each revival also reduced your Con score by 1, and if you magically alter your Con score, it has no effect to the number of times you can be revived, it’s still equal to that original score.
3e as you mentioned had the level loss penalty, which I was not a fan of.
4e i think you mentioned as having level loss as well. I played up through paragon before deciding it wasn’t for us.
5e has their death saves, which is kind of like the old resurrection survival chance. Or there’s also something like Matt Mercer’s raise dead ritual.

All that being said in my upcoming pirate game the group has decided on a more grim and gritty feel to the game, so we are going to be using the death save dc’s being a 15, and using the 2e losing a point of Con when revived and the hard limits on the times you can be raised. Mercer’s death save ritual is being bandied about as to whether we want to use that as well and coming back with a point or two of exhaustion. We want death to be a major impactor on a character, not something that just glossed over and back to the fight.

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