Heroes Rise, one hundred nineteenth entry: I’m Blue, Da Ba Dee

Heroes Rise, one hundred nineteenth entry: I’m Blue, Da Ba Dee

Welcome, brave adventurers…

… to the one hundred nineteenth entry into our chronicle, recorded on Saturday May 16th, and released Wednesday May 20th over at heroesrisepodcast.com.

In this week’s Adventurer’s Pack, Ostron may or may not be committing treason to bring us some D&D goodies… Next we check out some D&D news as we uncover:

  • The latest Unearthed Arcana dealing with the Rogue, Warlock and Wizard

After that we take a Short Rest and hear some Wisdom from the Masters on new players in combat; before finally heading over to the Scrying Pool to see what you have to say.


A Short Rest: Wisdom of the Masters: New Players and Combat

This Week’s Community Questions
How the heck do Warlocks get to cast wish?
And the other subclasses: is the Rogue’s extra damage too powerful? Does the reworked Archivist have a chance, or is it another subclass that needs to go back to the drawing board?m

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Hey guys and gals!
Thanks for the super nice show, really!
Regarding your questions: I figure that the only viable way for a warlock to gain a subclass related lvl 9 spell is by adding it to its list of Mystic Arcanum spells. After all, Mystic Arcanum goes all the way from lvls 6 to 9. Since that’s unheard (in comparison to other warlock pacts) until now, it should be clarified, of course.

Then a small feedback to the Phantom’s “wails from the grave” feature: there is a cantrip that deals damage on a secondary target without it getting a chance to avoid it – it’s green flame blade! The difference is of course that it has to be within 5 ft of the primary target and deals fire damage, to which some monsters at immune to. As with wails, crit damage is doubled but of course things like “hunters mark” only apply to the first attack damage. At least that’s how our group rules it..Since you can get it with a level dip in warlock, wizard or Sorcerer, it’s also available to a multiclassing rogue early on, but I didn’t think it overpowered until now..
Anyway thanks for the show, I enjoy it a lot on a weekly basis! Greetings from Germany

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