Heroes Rise, fifty-seventh entry: The Lost Lavatory

Heroes Rise, fifty-seventh entry: The Lost Lavatory

Welcome, brave adventurers…

… to the fifty-seventh entry into our chronicle, recorded on Saturday, January 12th 2019, and released Wednesday, January 16th 2019 over at heroesrisepodcast.com

In this week’s Adventurer’s Pack, Ryu is going to share some absolute trash. Next we check out some D&D news as we uncover:

  • A little bit of DMs Guild news
  • A new D&D actual-play show
  • And a look-ahead at February’s Unearthed Arcana

After that we take a Short Rest and step into the Gnomish Workshop for a pointed discussion of magic, before finally looking into the scrying pool to see what you have to say.

A Short Rest: Gnomish Workshop: A Pointed Discussion of Magic


mThis Week’s Community Questions
Are you planning on delving into the lost laboratory? Are you dying to tool around in some power armor in your campaign?
Are you looking forward to the new artificer? What tweaks do you think they’re going to make? Will this be a direct tie-in to Eberron in the future, or is it coming out in another resource?
Have you tried tweaking the way magic works in D&D at all, or are you all Vancian all the time?


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There was some “back channel” discussion about this but I wanted to confirm that I could not understand Ostron’s comments in the Gnomish Workshop. The overall volume was a little lower than those around him and whatever filter you were feeding him through was very effective. Too effective.

Some context: I was in my MINI Cooper ‘S’ with an after market exhaust commuting to work on the freeway. That generally doesn’t render podcasts not understandable.

Also, I always look forward to when you let Ostron “off of the leash” to get technical and mathy. Do it more often, just not with that filter.

Oh, and the bloopers at the end of this episode were epic.

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