Heroes Rise, twenty-seventh entry: Ocean’s d12

Heroes Rise, twenty-seventh entry: Ocean’s d12

Welcome, brave adventurers…

… to the twenty-seventh entry into the Heroes Rise chronicle. This episode was recorded on Saturday, 2nd June 2018, and made available for download on Wednesday, 6th June 2018 at heroesrisepodcast.com

In this week’s Adventurer’s Pack, Ryu demonstrates something that will allow everyone to generate an entire year of weather, along with a few other cool things. Next we check out some D&D News as we cover centaurs and minotaurs briefly before bringing you everything we know so far on the latest module coming in September: Waterdeep: Dragon Heist

After that we take a Short Rest and flick through the Archives of Candlekeep for some lore on actual dragons, before finally looking into the scrying pool to see what you have to say.

A Short Rest: Dragons


mThis Week’s Community Questions
What’s your opinion of Dragon Heist? Are you excited by the possibilities or just bitter that there isn’t an actual dragon in it?
What twists and turns do you think the Dungeon of the Mad Mage will have in it?

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I’m really hoping that Lennon is right in his thoughts that 5th ed. will be around for a while. I’m really enjoying this edition. I understand the anxiety of the constant stream of book releases but I also realize that many of these tomes are more geared to DMs. As someone pointed out, you certainly don’t need to purchase these new releases if they don’t interest you or jive with your current campaign. I have little personal interest in DH or DotMM so I won’t buy it. Where as I had great interest in Tomb of Annihilation, so I did purchase that supplement.
Now, I realize for the sake of time that you needed to curb Ryu’s enthusiasm about dragons. I must say that I enjoyed that segment a lot and you guys put out some great info. More segments like that would be awesome. Also, Ryu brought up turtle dragons. You should let her finish her thoughts on them.

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