Heroes Rise, twentieth entry: The Lost and the Lonely

Heroes Rise, twentieth entry: The Lost and the Lonely

Welcome, brave adventurers…

… to the twentieth entry into the Heroes Rise chronicle. This episode was recorded on Saturday, 14th April 2018, and made available for download on Wednesday, 18th April 2018 at heroesrisepodcast.com

In this week’s Adventurer’s Pack we take you to the seventh sanctum of creativity. Next we check out some D&D News as we cover:

  • Two new videos from D&D Beyond covering Mike Mearls’ free time. Pretty much.
  • The latest Unearthed Arcana with the Order Domain for Clerics
  • The winners and losers of the final battle of the first bracket in Mordenkainen’s Mayhem
  • And more sneak previews from Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes from the virtual tabletop Fantasy Grounds

After that we take a Short Rest and hear some Wisdom from the Masters for some alternate rewards, before finally looking into the scrying pool to see what you have to say.

A Short Rest: Alternate Rewards


mThis Week’s Community Questions
Jeremy’s name was on the Order Domain, so it may become official — what are your views on it? Viable replacement/upgrade to the Warlord class, or a pain in the party?
Do you prefer one-shots or campaigns?


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One-shots and campaigns are both great!

I’m currently running two campaigns, both of which I was fortunate to start for (mostly) new players. One is approaching its second anniversary, the other began back in November. I loved worldbuilding for the first campaign, but decided to start fresh with the second to apply what I’d learned in my first attempt. I love worldbuilding and so I think I’ll always want to run long campaigns where I can plant seeds for endgame plot hooks in the early levels… and occasionally base them on the little details that emerge in character creation…


Before the first session of the second campaign, I ran some one-shots so that prospective players could easily learn if my style of D&D was what they were after in a gaming experience. And I learned that one-shots can be a beautiful fling. I pregenerated a diverse array of characters and set up a new story within the world of my first campaign. Beyond that, I knew the world like the back of my hand so I could focus on the players more than I do in a session within an ongoing campaign. It was an absolute treat for me to play without overthinking and I got to enjoy new players being blown away by the level of detail in my storytelling – which was a lot easier, again, considering this was a world that I’d spent more than 18 months crafting.

One-shots also provide a great low-expectation foundation for “what if” scenarios. I don’t know if, for example, I’d want to run a long campaign for a party made up entirely of hobgoblin players… but it was a very memorable one-shot… which can then be folded back into building a campaign world… almost like the Microscope RPG.

So, don’t make me choose between my children. I love them both. 😉

Errr… I meant hobgoblin CHARACTERS, not hobgoblin players. I would TOTALLY run a long campaign for hobgoblin players. 😀

Hey, thanks for linking to ThinkDM! I hope you are finding the Happy Fun Hour transcripts useful.

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