Heroes Rise: Dissonant Whispers – Monsters

Heroes Rise: Dissonant Whispers – Monsters

Welcome, brave adventurers…

… to the fourth episode of Heroes Rise: Dissonant Whispers, a Patreon Exclusive show for all backers regardless of tier. If you like what you hear then head on over to our Patreon page to sign up. Tiers start from just $4 per month which will also get you access to the main Heroes Rise show unedited and early each week, and there’s even some Heroes Rise swag up for grabs.

So what is Heroes Rise: Dissonant Whispers? It’s our new show where we like to tackle the bigger questions in D&D, and hopefully get you some answers along the way. This week, it’s all about monsters. There are lots of infamous creatures in D&D: from beholders to owlbears, Vecna to Moloch, dragons are, comparatively a small part of it. So which monsters in D&D are your favourites, either to fight against or to unleash on your players. And what makes a good monster?


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