Broken Character Contest

You heard it from Lennon; grab your sourcebooks, quills, or D&D Beyond subscriptions and put together the most overpowered, underhanded, rules-bending character you can think of. The character should be Level 12 and can be created using any combination of officially released sourcebooks (as of 9/8/2019), as well as the most recent Unearthed Arcana artificer class (but no other UA materials). Along with the character sheet, we need your email and a name or title you’d be okay with us saying on-air if necessary. Finally, send in a short description of why exactly the character is broken the way you built it.

Ostron will be reviewing the entries and will choose a winner on 10/5/2019. The winner will be announced on the Heroes Rise show on 10/9/2019, and if confirmed the winner will get a Heroes Rise T-shirt and pin.

So submit your 5-class multi-characters, infinite casters, and self-healing damage dealers for a chance to win!


– One entry per person.
– No purchase or donation is required to enter or win this contest.
– Contest entries will be accepted until 9/27/2019 at 11:59pm PDT.
– A valid contest submission consists of the following:
– A valid email contact for the submitter.
– A preferred name, pseudonym, moniker, or alias the submitter would allow Heroes Rise to broadcast on-air for purposes of discussing the contest.
– A character sheet or equivalently formatted and organized collection of information detailing the statistics and abilities for the character.
– A prose description no longer than 500 words detailing what aspect of the character allows it to operate in a “broken” manner.

– Characters should be constructed with a total combined character level of 12.
– Characters may be constructed from any combination of officially released sourcebooks from Wizards of the Coast as of 9/8/2019 which pertain to the officially labeled 5th edition of the game.
– Unearthed Arcana material is not considered officially released material for purposes of the contest with the exception of the Unearthed Arcana Artificer class documents released as two entries on 2/28/2019 and 5/14/2019
– Characters should use the standard array (15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8) when determining initial ability scores for the character.
– Up to 1 uncommon and 1 rare magic item may be included as part of the character build.
– The optional rule wherein Ability Score increases may be substituted with a Feat from the Players’ Handbook may be used when creating the character.
– “Broken” for the purposes of this contest is defined as: the ability to consistently operate the character in a manner that circumvents a significant number of gameplay mechanics or restrictions as laid out in the Players Handbook and Dungeon Masters Guide rules for D&D 5th edition. Such circumvention should allow the character to achieve exceptional superiority in terms of encounter performance (either combat or skill encounters) when compared to “average” configurations for characters of equivalent level. All such modifications or enhancements are performed based on described rules and character options in official source material.
– “Average” configurations would consist of a character with no racial or background bonuses selecting a single class commensurate to the desired goal in gameplay (e.g. damage output, maximizing Armor Class, etc.) and following the prescribed build of the character as recommended in the Wizards of the Coast Player’s Handbook for D&D 5th edition without use of any alternate rules or exceptions.

– Ostron shall be the ultimate arbiter and judge of submission validity and will be the final decider of the winner. The characters and descriptions submitted may be reviewed by other members of Heroes Rise staff for consultation or verification.
– Contest winners will be decided by 10/5/2019 and announced on the next Heroes’ Rise show. The first official announcement should be available for Patreon donors who have access to the raw recordings of the show. That recording will be available on or around 8:00pm PDT on 10/5/2019 barring scheduling or technical difficulties. The announcement will be repeated as part of the official Heroes Rise podcast released 10/9/2019 unless circumstances prevent or delay release of the show as scheduled. In that event, a communication will be sent to all contest entrants no later than 10/6/2019 informing them of the delay and the proximate date when the winner announcement will be broadcast.
– The stated winner of the contest is entitled to 1 Heroes Rise branded shirt and 1 metallic Heroes Rise pin.
– To receive the physical items, the winner must provide a valid mailing address within 3 weeks of the release of the official Heroes Rise podcast wherein the winner was announced.
– The physical items shall be packaged and postmarked no later than 2 weeks after receipt of the valid mailing address and shipped at standard postage rate via USPS. Heroes Rise will cover standard shipping costs as determined by the USPS on date of shipping. The recipient is responsible for any extra handling, customs, or ancillary fees associated with receiving packages at the provided address.