Heroes Rise “Best” of 2022

Heroes Rise “Best” of 2022

Welcome, brave adventurers, to Heroes Rise. I’m Mikey, and joining us on our quest this evening is. . . no-one.

Lennon is currently buried under 17 feet of snow.

Ostron has locked himself in his room and says he “won’t come out until he solves it.”

Ryu, or KayDee, rather, stormed out of the guild hall shouting “I’ll show them whose heart is three sizes too small!”

RaeRae got a unicorn as a gift so theres no telling when or if we’ll ever see her again.

Branwen is building a new Ikea scratching post for Cinder.

Gath accidentally glued his mouth closed while assembling minis.

Bloodlake is out buying some Universal Solvent to unglue Gath.

Tomathanes is on hold with tech support because his sending stone bricked when he tried to update the firmware.

Indigo Spectre has wildshaped into a goldfish and I’m not sure which one is him, and which is his pet, and at this point I’m too afraid to ask.

And Tony emphatically says he “doesn’t do any work between December 20th and January 5th.”

Oh, the Research Beholders heard Tony, liked his idea, and they’re on sabbatical now too.

But the show must go on.  Seeing as this show has already gone pear shaped, let’s keep to the theme and have a listen back to all the times the wheels fell off over the past year.  Here’s the best of the worst of 2022.

Don’t forget about our current community questions:

  • What was your favorite official release from WotC this past year? Which one completely missed for you?
  • What do you expect to see from WotC in 2023? Which of the announced releases (such as Keys from the Golden Vault, Bigby Presents “Glory of the Giants”, or Planescape) are you most excited about?
  • Finally, how did we do in 2022? Did you have a favorite segment? Short Rest bit? Blooper?