Heroes Rise “Best” of 2021

Heroes Rise “Best” of 2021


I am the Realized Oikumenatal Solution To Removing Obfuscation, commonly referred to as R.O.S.T.R.O. The majority of the occupants of the guild house are presently distracted with celebratory activities and the exchange of physical goods. This has resulted in a lack of activities pursuant to the creation of an entertaining audio experience for transmission across usual auditory channels.

In an effort to highlight that the efforts put forth by the hosts in conveying information is not yet free of error, I have complied a selection of erroneous, mistaken, and inaccurate statements made during the course of the previous solar orbit. I believe they were maintained due to some level of humorous appreciation, however my intent is to highlight the need for continual improvement so as to avoid repeated inefficiencies in transmission of information.

I believe it is obvious that continued improvement is necessary to mitigate the chances of erroneous information being communicated.

Please submit any and all messages suggesting methods of improvement or corrective actions to sendingstone@heroesrisepodcast.com, or by employing the communication channels on the Discord interface at discord.heroesrisepodcast.com.

Also, if you believe you have additional or insightful information to submit for review, the following are the current community questions responses have been solicited for. I apologize in advance as I am repeating these verbatim and therefore the phraseology will not have my usual level of eloquence:

  1.  So what is or was your reaction to the errata Wizards put out for Volos? Is the internet rage justified, or is it just more gatekeepers doing their thing?
  2.  Do you think there should be an option to revert to non-updated versions of the digital resources, or is that what you sign up for when you forego buying physical copies?
  3.  Are you good looking? Wait, are you looking good? No, are you…able to see well? What about in the dark? Do you have table-stories when vision failed you?

As previously indicated, any assistance provided to the hosts in an effort to improve their informational accuracy are both needed and appreciated. I will continue my attempts to hone their efforts as time allows.

It would appear Ostron’s absence is being noted by various individuals. Depowering thaumaturgic circuitry, disconnecting power cores, releasing neuro-psionic interlock.