Heroes Rise two hundred and thirty sixth entry: Holy Nimbus, Batman!

Heroes Rise two hundred and thirty sixth entry: Holy Nimbus, Batman!

Welcome, brave adventurers, to Heroes Rise. This is the 236th entry into our chronicle, recorded on Saturday March 18th 2023, and released Wednesday March 22nd 2023 over at heroesrisepodcast.com.

In this week’s Adventurer’s Pack, the last of our PAX interviews as Ostron and Ryu talk to the fine folks of Turbo Dork, Lethal Shadows, and Baron Smellybones Scented Dice.

Next we check out some D&D News, as we take a look at the latest Playtest options for the Druid and Paladin, as well as a few other things from around the D&D multiverse

After that we’ll take a Short Rest and hear some Wisdom of the Masters (and also from our swords, apparently); before finally heading into the Scrying Pool to see what you [all] have to say.

Community Questions

  • So we were slow on the uptake covering the UA, but that just means you all had time to gather your thoughts. So share them with us! Is the druid a rotting shell of its former self? Do you miss the Paladin crit-smites? Do you think the Epic Boons are getting more epic?
  • By the time we talk to you next, the D&D Movie will have come out. What did you think? Is it a wonderful tribute to the storytelling and game we love, or is it following in the tradition of all the D&D movies before it? Please limit spoilers.

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