Heroes Rise, one hundred forty-seventh-and-a-half entry: Failed Saving Throws

Heroes Rise, one hundred forty-seventh-and-a-half entry: Failed Saving Throws

Welcome, brave adventurers, to Heroes Rise. This is the 147.5th entry into our chronicle, recorded throughout the last year, and released Wednesday, December 30th, over at heroesrisepodcast.com

2020. What a year, eh? Wherever you are, and whatever the state of the world is where you currently reside, we hope you’re keeping well and staying safe; and that we were able to provide you with a brief window of normality during these unprecedented times… at least as normal as things get around here! As regular listeners will know, the double-beeps at the end of the Outro show that sometimes… well, we all fail our saving throws now and then, right? And it’s in that vein that we’d like to present you with some of our favourite bloopers from across 2020.

Our regular show will return next week on January 6th, and we look forward to seeing you then.

Last Week’s Community Questions

Are voices roleplaying? Can you do roleplaying without voices? What’s your take on the subject?

What have you heard because someone wasn’t paying attention to their microphone? Whose pet can you now take care of virtually because you know everything they do?

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