The Terror of Undermountain

Brave adventurers, word has reached us from our contacts in the field. “The Terror of Undermountain” has been revealed! You may remember this contest was one launched in association with Adobe. Well, the Grand Prize Winner Will Kalkanis has won an incredible $5,000 for this… abomination, and will also sit side-by-side with Wizards of the Coast creatives at the D&D studios to concept future dragons and beasts together, and (in what may be the coolest part of this contest) the art depiction of “The Terror of Undermountain” will be made into an unpainted collectible miniature by WizKids!

Be sure to check out the fifty-third entry into the Heroes Rise chronicle, releasing Wednesday 19th December for more information…

Behold: the Terror of Undermountain

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The Terror of Undermountain Announcement