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This article was first broadcast in Episode Fifty-Three on 19th December 2018. Ryu: Wow Lennon, that’s…a lot of cards Lennon: Yeah, Ostron said we were talking about using decks in D&D campaigns so I’m checking my creature count in my Green/White aggro deck. Ryu: Okay, so I’m pretty sure you don’t want me to explain to you why pre-made decks are boring and drafts are the way to go, so why do you have Magic cards out at all? Ostron: Lennon did you…oh…right. Here Ryu, this is what we’re *actually* talking about today. *papers shuffling* Ryu: Ohhh. Decks in games right. Okay, once again you’re missing the target here, Lennon, but full points for effort as you’d say back home. Lennon: Really? I thought with Ravnica and all that… Ostron: Yeah, we’re talking about more traditional nontraditional decks. The item Deck of Many things is something almost all regular D&D players are familiar with, and it’s been around…

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