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This article was first broadcast in Episode Thirty-One on 11th July 2018. Ostron: Lennon? Did you take my dictionary out of the gnomish workshop? Lennon: I did, and then the research beholders took it. Ryu: Weren’t you working on elemental wizards? Ohhh you meant to grab a spellbook and ended up with the dictionary instead didn’t you? Lennon: No!…well yes, but this actually helped more. I mean, like the research beholders pointed out, finding the spells to use is easy, but the really important bit is what you call the resulting mage. Ryu: Okay, leaving aside the fact that you’re taking advice from beholders, is something wrong with “wizard”? Or “sorcerer”? Lennon: Phah. Boring! Come on, look at this.   Most fantasy settings that have magic users always group them into types. Sometimes it’s as simple as “good” and “bad” a’la the Wizard of Oz, but other sources apply a deep and complex hierarchy to magic users,…

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