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This article was first broadcast in Episode Fifty-Seven on 16th January 2019. Lennon: Ostron? Is…oh. ROSTRO: Greetings Lennon: Recalculating the meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything? ROSTRO: I would not presume to question the conclusions of my peers. Ryu: Lennon, did you find Ostro-…ah ROSTRO: Ostron requested that I assist in an analysis of magic so that his spellcasting can be improved. Lennon: And how did that go? ROSTRO: I have some possible courses of action based on comparative analysis of other systems of magic as they exist in the multiverse. A review with other parties would be welcome at this juncture. Lennon: Okay but Ryu? Poke me every so often and make sure I stay awake. Ryu: How do you know *I’m* going to be awake? Whether or not you think much about how magic works in D&D usually depends on two things: If you play a spellcasting class at all, and whether you’ve played any other tabletop or…

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This article was first broadcast in Episode Fifty-Two on 12th December 2018. Ryu: Oh no he’s down! Ostron! Lennon: Did the KDM do this? Ryu: Hey! I haven’t worn the hat for…a while now and besides he doesn’t look hurt. He’s sort of more in a trance I think? What’s this thing he’s lying next to? Lennon: Well it’s…wow. It’s taking up a lot more room than I thought at first glance. Oh there’s a label! “Realized Oikumenatal Solution To Removing Obfuscation” ROSTRO: You may refer to me as ROSTRO Ryu & Lennon: GAAAAH! Ryu: What did you do to Ostron? ROSTRO: Nothing. Technically, he did something to me. Lennon: …and what was that? ROSTRO: My activation required additional cognitive energy, therefore he astrally projected himself into my mechanisms. Ryu: How is that even possible? ROSTRO: My internal workings are in practice a small artificial plane formed from mathematical probability. Lennon: That sounds…terrifying ROSTRO: Ostron determined it was necessary for the research project he was…

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