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This article was first broadcast in Episode Sixteen on 21st March 2018. Raerae: So were you guys debating dragons this week? Ryu: No Raerae: Why not? Ryu: Because there isn’t a debate. Ostron: No, the point is that we’re asking if you should add dragons to a campaign or not. Ryu: I don’t understand the question. Ostron: I’m not sure how to rewrite that Ryu: Look, here, guys, why don’t we just read over this paper I wrote up on dragons instead, huh? Dragons are probably the most iconic creatures in the entire D&D mythos. I mean, they’re the second “D” in the name; it’s hard to argue they aren’t significant. That said, there’s sometimes confusion about how exactly they fit into the stories. Part of this confusion stems from dragons being part of so many different mythologies through millennia. We aren’t going to go into all the details of…

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