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Gnomish Workshop: Monster Modification

This article was first broadcast in Episode Sixty on 6th February2019. Killer DM: Oh dear. Why is my favorite organ donor lying on the floor? If he's dead and I didn't kill him I will be very upset. ROSTRO: Inquiry. This situation has been explained previously. What is the source of confusion? Killer DM: Oooooh you're all big and flashy. Are you that new thing Ryu's been worried about? ROSTRO: Creature personality profile re-analyzed. Greetings. I am the Realized Oikumenatal Solution To Removing Obfuscation. You may refer to me as ROSTRO. I assist Ostron with more complex issues of a mathematical nature. Killer DM: I...


Unearthed Mundana: Imposter Syndrome

This article was first broadcast in Episode Fifty-Nine on 30th January 2019. "The psychological experience of believing that one's accomplishments came about not through genuine ability, but as a result of having been lucky, having worked harder than others, or having manipulated other people's impressions" Many, many people when they begin playing D&D or when they take on a new role within the game start to get pervasive feelings of doubt that don't go away. In their head, they have a refrain going of "I don't know what I'm doing," "So many other people could do this better than I can," "Everyone's just...