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This article was first broadcast in Episode Twenty-Seven on 6th June 2018. Lennon: Ryu… are you ok? Ryu: *disappointed* Yeah, it’s fine… just… why’d they put “Dragon Heist” in the title if it’s nothing to do with dragons? Lennon: Yeah, I’m sorry, though Dungeon of the Mad Mage might have them… Ostron: Ok guys, I’ve finished my article on Comparative analysis of Ranged vs Melee Damage per Class and– Ryu, are you alright? Ryu: Yeah, it’s fine… Lennon: You know… I don’t really know much about the history of dragons Ostron: Yeah you do, you’re the one who told me about– why are you looking at me like tha— oooh! Yeah, he knows nothing. Lennon: Right, nothing! Fancy catching me up on it? Ryu: Well… Alright! Ooh, where to start… Ah yes! The Core dragons! In the original D&D set, there were only six dragons: White, Black, Green, Blue, Red, and Gold. The Gold dragon was the only dragon…

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