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This article was first broadcast in Episode Sixty-Two on 20th February 2019. Ryu: Blah. Okay, time to kill some characters. Lennon: We hid the hat again, just so you’re aware. Ryu: Yeah that never matters, but anyway, I’m not going to need KayDee’s help for this one;  I’ve got another player that’s decided “annoying edgelord” is a cool character concept, and they’ve come up with mechanics where they’re in such mental anguish that even brief moments of happiness count as a short rest for them because they’re so rejuvenating. “Rejuvenating” isn’t “resurrecting,” though, so that character isn’t going to see a session two. Ostron: You know you’re asking to just have them come back with another annoying concept unless you give them some suggestions. Ryu: Do you have any? I’m all ears at this point. Lennon: I think we can throw something together. In past editions of D&D, the idea of character backstories imparting skills or abilities to…

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