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This article was first broadcast in Episode Eighteen on 4th April 2018. Ryu: So, we’re in the Gnomish Workshop… Why are we going to die? Ostron: Well, I’ve got this piece about dice math I’ve written.. Ryu: Okay, nevermind, I get it now. Ostron: Oh come on, dice math is fun! Besides, it might not be that easy. Lennon: We can’t use the sweet embrace of death to escape your dice math? Ostron: Not always…     … you see, D&D is not considered a game where death of a character is likely. Assuming the DM isn’t actively trying to make it happen, permanent death of a character requires some extra effort. But Dungeon Masters and players alike may wonder “exactly how hard is it to die?” Fortunately, as with most things in the workshop, math has an answer for us. Getting Killed Anyone who’s read the appropriate section of…

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