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This article was first broadcast in Episode Thirty-Nine on 5th September 2018. Ryu: Look, we need to deal with this Lennon: No we don’t, because there’s no problem Ostron: Okay, you keep saying that nobody likes warlocks but it’s honestly just you. Lennon: Ryu is on my side! Ryu: The Killer DM is more on your side than I am and really she hates everyone so that’s not a good basis. Ostron: Do you even have any legitimate complaints? Lennon: Do I need them? Ostron: … Yes. Lennon: Alright. You might want to take a seat though, we’ll be here a while. Warlock is one of those classes that make people nervous. If the Monk is a confusing and complex class for physical combatants, the warlock is the equivalent on the spellcasting side. While they still cast spells, one look at their class table in the players’ handbook will clue you in that something very different is going on…

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