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This article was first broadcast in Episode Forty on 12th September 2018. Ryu: Hey guys? I was talking to KayDee a little bit ago- Lennon: Who? Did you hire someone? That has to go through HR you know. Ryu: The Killer DM. Kay, Dee? Get it? I thought it was cute. Lennon: I have several worrying questions about this… Ostron: Was there something specific she said? Anything about needing organs, for example? Ryu: Well not really but she really seems to hate Bards. Lennon: Yeah, I can see that Ryu: Well it confused me. Bards seem like a great class. Ostron: Oh, they are, but not if you’re a DM Despite not being one of the classes available in original editions of D&D, the Bard has since evolved to be one of the core classes in the game. Mentally a lot of people think of Bards as comical characters if not outright farces; terminal optimists who bring a mandolin to…

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