Heroes Rise two hundred and forty-third entry: Supreme Snek

Heroes Rise two hundred and forty-third entry: Supreme Snek

Welcome, brave adventurers, to Heroes Rise.This is the 243rd entry into our chronicle, recorded on Saturday, July 8th, 2023, and released Wednesday, July 12th, 2023 over at heroesrisepodcast.com.

This week we’re forgoing the Adventurer’s Pack and Short Rest segments as, yes, the News really is that large. The Player’s Handbook Playtest 6 weighs in at 77 pages and covers 7 classes, subclasses for each, 16 spells, 7 feats, a new Weapons Mastery table and a rules glossary. I’m sure you can see why this might take us a while to get through.

And, as always, after that we’ll head into the Scrying Pool to see what you have to say

Community Questions

  • So 77 pages. Did you read it all? Did you even skim it? Or are you just relying on our breakdown for your information (which you definitely should, mind you)? 
  • However you got the info, what stuck out to you? Are you dissecting the revealed subclasses? Reviewing the changes they made because of our feedback? Or are you poring over the Monk to see if it meets your demands?