Heroes Rise two hundred and twenty fifth entry: Wisdom of the ROSTRO

Heroes Rise two hundred and twenty fifth entry: Wisdom of the ROSTRO

Welcome, brave adventurers, to Heroes Rise. This is the 225th entry into our chronicle, recorded at various points over the last 5 years, and released Wednesday 21st September over at heroesrisepodcast.com

With one host missing and a lack of sulpherous stand-ins, Lennon and Ostron help Bloodlake out with some DM tips… At least until Ostron falls asleep.

The Future of Heroes Rise

As you may have noticed in recent months, Wizards of the Coast has been a little slower to release content. When Heroes Rise started, Wizards’ marketing strategy relied much more on being constantly in the public eye. That is no longer how Wizards operates. Their approach now seems to be more of a blitz, where tons of content will drop all at once, and then they go quiet for weeks or even months at a time. What it means for us, as a D&D news podcast, is that it’s getting harder and harder to find content and continue producing a quality show on a weekly basis. There are a few live play shows supported and highlighted by Wizards, but that’s never been the type of content we focused on and we don’t feel it would make sense to do that now.

For that reason, we’re switching to fortnightly-weekly releases. You’ll still get myself, Ostron, and Ryu, along with our guest hosts as needed, ROSTRO, the KillerDM, and the mimic I swear is around here somewhere, but every other week. Of course, if there’s something like a major piece of news that simply can’t wait, we’ll probably do it as soon as possible. It’s also possible we’ll use the off weeks to do some other types of content, particularly for our Patrons. Stay tuned for more on that.

We know that this may come as a disappointment to you, but please be assured this decision is borne out of our desire to produce a quality show. We assume you’d rather have us maintain our standards than compromise just for the sake of getting out an episode every week. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to submit them as feedback or message us directly.

Community Questions

  • What’s your story of when the biggest enemy your character faced was gravity? Was it a nice, gentle conclusion, or a hard stop at the end?
  • Are you familiar with Advanced 5e? Have you played in the Amethyst setting before? Any stories from those experiences you’d like to share?

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