Heroes Rise, one hundred seventieth entry: Bloodlake, Slayer of Savings

Heroes Rise, one hundred seventieth entry: Bloodlake, Slayer of Savings

Welcome, brave adventurers…

… to the one hundred seventieth entry into our chronicle, recorded on Saturday, June 19th, and released Wednesday, June 23rd, over at heroesrisepodcast.com.

This week we’re going to wander into the Market of Minauros to see what mysterious and magical items have filtered up for sale.

Next we check out some D&D News as we discuss the plans for the first D&D Live 2021 Celebrity Game we know of and the latest information on the D&D video game out now, Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance.


A Short Rest: Archives of Candlekeep: Whips of Chains Excite Me (Shadar Kai)

This Week’s Community Questions
So what’s your take on the D&D live game coming up for D&D Live 2021? Who do you think the mystery guest will be?
Are you, or will you be, delving deeper into virtual dungeons with Driz’zt and company?
Did any of the offerings catch your eye while we were wandering through the Marketplace?

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Thanks for the awesome show and the always critical insight! I just wanted to add a few thoughts on the Shadar-Kai, hope it still reaches you in time!
You omitted the status/origin the Shadar-Kai origins had in 4E: They didn´t have any fey connection there, at least not in the Forgotten Realms.
Most where either kind of rather generic Shadowfell Humans, transformed by prolongued stay in the Shadowfell, with the most well known free city of Ikemmu as a major plane-connecting hub (https://forgottenrealms.fandom.com/wiki/Ikemmu).
But a majority was actually created via rituals by the Shadovar, Returned Netheril, similiar to the ritual to become a shade.
At the time we had various campaigns where the Shadovar played a major part, the party had to deal with Shadar-Kai employed by the Netherese on several ocasions (in the Neverwinter campaign https://www.pegasusdigital.de/product/163174/Neverwinter-Campaign-Setting-4e).
I was quite annoyed that along with the Shadovar all of this got basically retconned for 5e. I´m fine with their fey and Raven Queen connection (as that had already been established in 3e, as you pointed out), but would have liked at least some small reference to that “other side” of the Shadar-Kai.. well I suppose you can always DIY: For our Descent into Avernus campaign, I created a Shadar-Kai Gloomweaver as a Master Reader in Candlekeep of Netherese origin for the characters to interact with. And the one Shadar-Kai PC works for the Raven Queen and is really keen on the memories flowing through the river Styx…

Keep up the great show!

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