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Heroes Rise, one hundred sixty-second entry: Dragonborn to be Wild

Welcome, brave adventurers…

… to the one hundred sixty-second entry into our chronicle, recorded on Saturday, April 17th, and released Wednesday, April 21st, over at

In this week’s Adventurer’s Pack, Lennon tells us about the latest cartographer he’s fantasizing about.

Next we check out some D&D News as we uncover the latest Unearthed Arcana featuring Draconic Options.

After that we take a Short Rest and hear some Wisdom of the Masters about clear and present danger; before finally heading over to the Scrying Pool to see what you have to say.


After that we take a Short Rest and head into the Archives of Candlekeep for a Daddy Daughter Date; before finally heading over to the Scrying Pool to see what you have to say.

A Short Rest: Wisdom of the Masters: Clear and Present Danger

Last Week’s Community Questions
What’s your impression of the dragonborn lineages and the new kobold? Are they welcome changes to races that needed an update, or are they questionable changes to established lore and patterns?
What’s your take on the denial of divine spells? Should clerics and paladins be getting more offerings when new spells come out, or should you not fix what isn’t broken?
Do you have a story of your DM not giving you enough warning about plowing ahead into a fatal encounter? Or, alternatively, did you or your players ignore a clear warning and get killed?

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