Heroes Rise, one hundred forty-fourth entry: Black Friday

Heroes Rise, one hundred forty-fourth entry: Black Friday

Welcome, brave adventurers…

… to the one hundred forty-fourth entry into our chronicle, recorded throughout the last 3 years, and released Wednesday, December 2nd, over at heroesrisepodcast.com

Lennon didn’t get the memo (on account of being British and everything), so is joined by Ostron as they look back at some of their favourite Adventurer’s Packs throughout the years where you might be able to pick up a Black Friday bargain or two.

The day before Black Friday you’re supposed to say what you’re thankful for. I know that we say this every week, but we really couldn’t do it without our amazing staff:

  • Our head scribe, Gath Memvar
  • Our social media mage, RaeRae
  • Our web wizard, Mark
  • Our dungeon master and adventurer’s league correspondent, Indigo Specter
  • And our audio alchemists: Mikey, Branwen, and Tomasthanes

But they’re not the only ones who keep things ticking over. Thanks to the generous donations of our patrons, we’re not only able to keep doing this show, but have been able to improve the quality through additional software, upgraded hardware, and keeping us company after the show in our recording booth; and so we want to say that we are exceedingly thankful for

Our Patrons:

  • Chris Cooper
  • Carcer: Mimic Enthusiast
  • Daniel Ellis
  • Questionable Judgement
  • Kendall Patterson
  • Tomasthanes (yes, for some reason he pays to volunteer here)
  • Rat Queen
  • And Dunderhill

And, of course, our $10+ Halfling Moneylenders:

  • Marty Chodorek
  • The Despoiler
  • The Hobbyist
  • Randall Evans
  • Mark Ohnsman
  • Brewhammer
  • And Amber “Squirrel” Kroening

Vindsvept for all the awesome music you’ve heard throughout the show, be sure to check him out at vindsvept.bandcamp.com;

and Lo of Lo’s Lair, the designer of our banners and avatars — you can find him on Twitter @RealLarryD and Facebook at facebook.com/LosLair

But above all, we’re thankful for all of you, you for tuning in and listening to our tales each and every  evening. And, until our paths shall cross again, fare thee well, brave adventurers.