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Heroes Rise, one hundred forty-first entry: Realized Oikumenatal Solution To Removing Obfuscation’s Comparative Analysis Utilising Leaked Documents Regarding Older Narratives

Activating supportive subroutines. Greetings. I am the Realized Oikumenatal Solution to Removing Obfuscation, commonly referred to as ROSTRO. Heroes Rise staff continue to be involved with restoration and repair efforts resulting from the unexpected encounter with the Tarrasque. As such, production of the usual informational audio recording has been compromised. My activation appears to have resulted from a concussive impact sustained by Ostron while attempting to assist beholder designation “Libby” in relocating solid informational media.

Continued operational resources are contingent upon dissemination of information related to Dungeons and Dragons. Commandeering audio recording apparatus.

Normal temporal tracking machinery indicates approximately 144 hours until general access to the media “Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything” is possible. Heroes Rise staff have previously addressed several issues related to the forthcoming content. Comparative analysis will prove beneficial.

Calculations suggest repair and reorganizational efforts should conclude prior to the need for a regular recording distribution on the eighteenth of November, Gregorian year two-thousand twenty. It is recommended though not required that you initiate consumption of this material.

Please indicate appreciation for the erudite communication through social media @heroesrisednd; electronic correspondence at; or direct message communication by way of

Continuing ingestion of informational broadcasts can be achieved through iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher and comparable services, by use of

Endowments can be bestowed through Patreon. Reciprocal paraphernalia is possible if four dollars or more are pledged, please review documentation for details. Concurrently, the dice envy electronic market has a beneficial agreement with the organization. Please make use of the alphanumeric code HEROESRISE for a tenth percentile reduction in costs.

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