Heroes Rise, ninety-sixth entry: Friendly Neighbourhood Spider Manoeuvres

Heroes Rise, ninety-sixth entry: Friendly Neighbourhood Spider Manoeuvres

Welcome, brave adventurers…

… to the ninety-sixth entry into our chronicle, recorded on Saturday November 9th, and released Wednesday November 13th over at heroesrisepodcast.com.

We’re skipping the Adventurer’s Pack this week because, well, we did have something for you, but then the research beholders charged in screaming about some sort of issue and vaporized all our notes, so… sorry! Next we check out some D&D News as we uncover:

  • Vox Machina The Animated Series Season 2
  • D&D Beyond retiring older UAs
  • And the latest Unearthed Arcana: Class Variants

After that we’ll take a Short Rest to get some Wisdom from the Masters about Crafting in D&D, before finally heading over to the Scrying Pool to see what you have to say.


A Short Rest: Wisdom of the Masters: PvP in D&D

This Week’s Community Questions … Err, Question?
So, there’s a new Unearthed Arcana; how did you receive it?Is it a treasure trove of new abilities and options for classes that helps the longevity of the game and enhances character options? Or is it a worrying departure from the tenets of 5th edition that will introduce power creep and confusion over valid character choices?

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