Heroes Rise, fifty-fifth: Jack and James from The Bodhana Group

Heroes Rise, fifty-fifth: Jack and James from The Bodhana Group

Welcome, brave adventurers…

… to the fifty-fifth entry into our chronicle, recorded on Saturday December 29th 2018, and released Wednesday January 2nd 2019 over at heroesrisepodcast.com.

This week we’re skipping Adventurer’s Pack to bring you an interview with Jack and James from the Bodhana Group and talk about the therapeutic use of tabletop games. Next we check out some D&D news as we uncover:

  • Just the one item — D&D Beyond’s Acquisition, Roadmap and future plans

After that we take a Short Rest and check out some Wisdom from the Masters for tips on bringing some sanity to your games, before finally looking into the scrying pool to see what you have to say.

A Short Rest: Wisdom of the Masters: Madness and Insanity
mThis Week’s Community Questions
What do you think about the Fandom/D&D Beyond merger? Is this the start of bigger and better things or is the entire product going to be a pile of useless garbage in a few months?
Like the players we heard about from the Bodhana Group, has a character you’ve played at the table made you realise things from a different perspective? Or have you learnt any life-lessons from the tabletop?
And finally, have you implemented the Sanity mechanics from the DMG in your game? Did your characters stay mostly intact, or does all work and no play make Jack a dull boy?

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