Heroes Rise, twenty-third entry: Ma belle-mère est un Tiefling

Heroes Rise, twenty-third entry: Ma belle-mère est un Tiefling

Welcome, brave adventurers…

… to the twenty-third entry into the Heroes Rise chronicle. This episode was recorded on Saturday, 5th May 2018, and made available for download on Wednesday, 9th May 2018 at heroesrisepodcast.com

First up, Ryu shows us a tool to help us when forging worlds. Next we check out some D&D News as we cover:

  • The latest videos from D&D beyond on adventure building with Chris Perkins
  • How wrong we were predicting the winner of Mordenkainen’s Mayhem
  • Spoilers Swag and Nathan Kate’s Fireside Chat
  • And the Stream of Many eyes as we leave no stone unturned.

After that we take a Short Rest and check out our Adventurer’s Journals for the final part in our alignment series, this time on Good characters, before finally looking into the scrying pool to see what you have to say.

A Short Rest: Listen, Good People
mThis Week’s Community Questions
What’s your favorite twist on a classic monster? Either one you’ve fought against or one you’ve played.
What’s your guess about the card game the D&D Devs seem to be playing?
Are you going to be leaving #NoStoneUnturned with the ARG?


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“Ma belle-mère est un Tiefling” (Slovakian) => “My hovercraft is full of Tieflings.”

Sometimes I love a generic orc bash, but my favorites are when monsters are played against type, my favorite monster was Frohm the Idealist. In the lore, Tzeentch plays all sides against each other *including his own*. Frohm was a daemon who used his superior intelligence and abilities to create calm and order (See the Twilight Zone episode “Old Man in the Cave”) using intermediaries to rule a local region. When my players arrived they had a serious ethical dilemma between killing a daemon on sight and recognizing that all he wanted to do was create a genuinely peaceful village.

World Anvil looks interesting. With the word “wiki” used to describe it so much during the podcast, I took a look at the website. It looks like it’s brand new software and it describes itself as “designed specifically for worldbuilding and to accommodate the complex relations that govern a world, between characters, organisations, species etc. Each template is crafted to make it easier for you put as much or little information as you want.”

I couldn’t find any user documentation to find out whether it supported any markup (or markdown) of text within the templates. It’s not using MediaWiki underneath (or any other wiki software); it may not be correct to label it a “wiki”. It’s more like a templated front-end for a database to capture the relationships in a world.

Since it has “themes”, I was curious whether it was built on top of WordPress but it’s not.

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