Heroes Rise, twenty-second entry: Classy Cuisine

Heroes Rise, twenty-second entry: Classy Cuisine

Welcome, brave adventurers…

… to the twenty-second entry into the Heroes Rise chronicle. This episode was recorded on Saturday, 28th April 2018, and made available for download on Wednesday, 2nd May 2018 at heroesrisepodcast.com

It’s one for the players this week in our Adventurer’s Packs as Ostron shows us his favorite character sheets. Next we check out some D&D News as we cover:

  • The latest D&D merch and CRPGs
  • This week’s D&D Beyond videos
  • And the results of the last semi-final of Mordenkainen’s Mayhem

After that we take a Short Rest and check out our Adventurer’s Journals to discover why you are what you eat, before finally looking into the scrying pool to see what you have to say.

A Short Rest: You Are What You Eat (or Drink)


mThis Week’s Community Questions
What parts of 5e lore have inspired you in creating worlds or characters for your campaigns?
Have you had any food-related mishaps in your adventures? We want to hear about it!


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In a current campaign, our Goblin Ranger purchased discount rations from a one armed Dwarf in a very poor part of the city. Said rations, resulted in food poisoning. That wasn’t bad enough, this was just before an ocean journey where the Goblin also succumbed to seasickness. The Goblin has since sworn to find and kill the one armed Dwarf. Throughout the campaign he has collected an assortment of disgusting things (dead squirrels, organs from slain creatures, etc.) and had them delivered at great distance to the Dwarf as warnings. The city has since been attacked and devastated by dragons. The whole party is waiting to find out if the one armed Dwarf made it out with the other refugees. Does this qualify as a food related mishap?

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