Heroes Rise, fourteenth entry: Encountering Eladrin

Heroes Rise, fourteenth entry: Encountering Eladrin

Welcome, brave adventurers…

… to the fourteenth entry into the Heroes Rise chronicle. This episode was recorded on Saturday, 3rd March 2018, and made available for download on Wednesday, 7th March 2018 at heroesrisepodcast.com

In this week’s Adventurer’s Pack, Ryu show’s us an app… wait, this says app… not map? Anyway, she shows us an app she’s recently inflicted on her party. I’ve been told no hats were worn during the inception of that idea. Next, we take a look at some D&D News as we cover:

  • More about The Raven Queen and the Shadar-kai as well as the history of Elves and the Eladrin via two D&D Beyond videos
  • The latest edition of Dragon+
  • News on the Siege of Dragonspear mobile edition
  • And a round-up of all the best bits from the Fireside Chat with Nathan Stewart

After that we take a Short Rest in the Gnomish Workshop to discuss healing without healing; before finishing off the show by looking into the Scrying Pool to see what you have to say.

A Short Rest: Healing Without Healing
mThis Week’s Community Questions
What are you most hoping the 1st June stream will be?
What are your thoughts on deluxe editions of modules? A great new resource for DMs and Players, or just a cash-grab?
Despite what WotC say, is Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes going to be Monster Manual 3? Would you even call Volo’s Guide “Monster Manual 2”?


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Here’s a question I have: Surprise. It is probably the least understood, worst explained mechanic in 5e. Most DM’s I have talked to about it will either just do surprise rounds like in 3rd edition, or just skip the mechanic all together. What is the simple explanation for how it works, and can you think of a simpler way to implement the mechanic?

Ostron, thank you for answering my question about tank, damage dealer, healer (“trinity”).

Thank you also for pronouncing my name correctly.

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