Heroes Rise, ninth-and-a-half entry: Party Wipe

Heroes Rise, ninth-and-a-half entry: Party Wipe

Welcome, brave adventurers…

… to the ninth-and-a-half entry into the Heroes Rise chronicle. This episode was recorded at various points in 2017 & 2018, and made available for download on Wednesday, 31st January 2018 at heroesrisepodcast.com

Unfortunately both Lennon and Ryu are caught in a Silence spell, having both lost their voices to some degree, and so this show is going to deviate a bit from our usual format.

We mentioned before on the show about a Lost Episode of Heroes Rise, recorded but unreleased as an internal-pilot episode for the teams to get used to show production. This week, we’re going to give the Short Rest from Episode 0 its first public airing. Consider this the nine-and-a-half-th entry into our chronicle, and enjoy some Wisdom from the Masters, entitled: The Undead Bite Back.

As for us, we’re off to take a Long Rest and will be back as scheduled next week on Wednesday February 7th with the 10th entry into our chronicle, which you can find over on our website, heroesrisepodcast.com, our feeds, or by searching for us on iTunes and Google Play Music.

And until our paths shall cross again, make sure you all fair better than Lennon and Ryu, brave adventurers!

mThis Week’s Community Questions

Have you experienced a complete party wipe? Whether you’re a player or a DM, we want to hear your experiences!


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A short but interesting episode! Get well soon, everyone!

Regarding Zombies being hard or scary, one of the methods my current DM tried was cranking up their AC to 17 or 18 to represent the difficulty of destroying their heads. He removed the Undead Fortitude, but added an infection to it. You make a DC 14 Con save. If you fail your save, you have 1d20 days until the disease/infection begins to take hold of you. It takes a restoration spell (I don’t remember which one) to remove the debuff; otherwise, at the end of the incubation time, you die and turn into a Zombie. This definitely makes Zombies a terrifying enemy to encounter at lower levels. I lost one character to them the first time we tried them out. Ironically, it was a Cleric.

Regarding TPK’s, I ran Tomb of Horrors from Tales From the Yawning Portal for my group once. Without spoiling much, there was an area that the party barely was able to overcome where at one point it was down to one, maybe two PC’s still being up. With the major damage dealers and healers being downed, the biggest problem we had encountered with this near-TPK was everyone getting bored. It was supposed to bring tension and suspense, but instead everyone just pulled out their phones and waited for the end. Fortunately, one heroic PC was able to overcome the challenge at the last moment.

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